Popular Outfits & Fetishes

Aesthetic & Contextual Preferences

You should get to have the experience you’ve always dreamed of. The moment you embrace the idea of a girl to your room Las Vegas, you have to consider what it is that you want.

From roleplaying to fetish play, what the girl wears may matter – and we have some popular outfits and fetishes for you to explore.

POPULAR OUTFITS & Exciting Fetishes

Las Vegas girls direct to your room can dress for the fantasy that you want to embrace. Once you book with us, we’ll coordinate the details so that the girl looks as though she has just stepped out of your wildest dreams.

While many of our Vegas escort girls will participate in virtually any fetish play that you can think of, there are a few popular and exciting ones. Don’t hesitate to ask for what you want – our girls to your room Vegas are looking to please in any way that they can.


Nurses are the healers of healthcare…and many tend to be a bit slutty. We’ve all seen the costumes at Halloween, but now they can come to life in the privacy of your hotel room.

Short skirts, busty cutouts, and a bag of goodies to ensure you’re good for when the doctor shows up…


Well, yeehaw! There’s something about a girl in a cowgirl hat that can get a heart racing a little faster. Add in some denim or some leather fringe and you’ve got yourself one hell of a hot girl on your hands.

Many of our girls look forward to playing cowgirl, so just make the request when you book.


The French Maid costume is a fun one. She’ll have on her apron and maybe even bring along a duster for good measure. She’ll know just how to clean up your act, and when she bends over to dust in her short skirt, you’ll get quite the show.


If the idea of a freshly pedicured foot propped up into your lap straight does it for you, a foot fetish may be something you’ll want to explore a bit deeper. From toe kissing and sucking to foot tickling and fondling, many of our Vegas escort girls are up for it all.


420 references that a girl is friendly to marijuana usage. She may smoke in your presence or you can do so. Either way, one or both of you can light up without anyone being offended.

When you embrace the cannabis culture with a direct-to-you girl, you may decide that it’s going to be an evening of relaxation. Spend the time watching movies in bed or find out if she wants to enjoy a luxurious bubble bath in your oversized hotel bathtub.

Whatever you do, it will be fun and relaxed as you go cloud-chasing.


Latex is both a costume and a fetish. You might think of Catgirl or simply a dominatrix.

Leather has evolved considerably over the years – and there are head-to-toe latex costumes with various zippers and buttons that can expose some of the naughtier areas. It’s sleek, shiny, and leaves very little to the imagination.


Japanese anime is wildly sexy – and the anime costumes will help you to bring those kinky cartoons to life. Many of our Asian girls understand the culture well – and with colored wigs and large breasts, they’ll play to your fantasies.

As she caters to your anime obsession, you may want to take it to the next level with our various services – such as a sex toy show or even a body rub. She’ll make sure that you have an unforgettable night. And, you may find that your anime porn does it for you that much more once you’ve experienced some of it live and in your hotel room.


Short plaid skirts, knee high socks, and even pigtails. It’s hot, and you know it.

The schoolgirl is one of the most sought-after costumes simply because of its irresistible attractiveness. If you enjoy the idea of “barely legal” adult entertainment, this may be the costume that you request.

As for roleplaying, you can be the strict teacher that needs to teach her a bit of a lesson…

Get Creative

Do you have another request for an outfit or a fetish? Don’t hesitate to be open and honest about what you want. Girls direct to you Las Vegas have quite the impressive wardrobe – and if you desire something that they don’t have, we’ll make sure to get creative.

Contact us today to learn more about girls to your room in Vegas and how they can play to your every fantasy and fetish.

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